Perfection and Picky is what we are. Equipped for various Tile situations and locations from kitchens and Bathrooms to front foyers and laundry rooms.


Laminate, Vinyl, hardwood flooring and much more. We can help you nail down and amazing looking floor that will tie the room together


A simple yet effective way to transform the energy in any room. With over 25 years of painting and staining experience we are ready to tackle anything that needs a new look.


We bring all the tools and equipment required to remove outdated or unwanted materials. Everything from Dirt, concrete and wood to drywall and tiles.


Providing the tools and knowledge required to build strong and precise load bearing and partition walls using lumber or metal materials. Alongside engineers when required.


We have done the work and provide licensed Mechanical contacts. 


Windows and doors installation done  in house unless specified by supplier.


The elements have the most impact on your house’s energy efficiency and its ability to keep water and moister out. We can help keep your house safe and dry.


Nothing shows more then a bad drywall job. Let us do what we do best and make sure your walls look amazing.